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Five of the world's most expensive coin !!!

1. The most expensive coin: "Double Eagle"

Year: 1933

Cost: $ 7,590,020

Country: United States

"Double Eagle" - coin at $ 20 US. Minted from 1850 until 1933. In these years, Roosevelt abandoned the gold standard, and ordered all the coins melted. There are only a few copies, so the cost of the most beautiful coins risen sharply.
The coin features a portrait of the Statue of Liberty. Background in the sunlight, edging out of 46 stars - on on the number of US states in those years. On the back of a flying eagle.
"Double Eagle" - a work of art, probably more, and so it is the most expensive.

2. coins "Silver Dollar 1804»

Year: 1834

Cost: $ 3,737,500

Country: United States

"Silver Dollar 1804" - a very interesting coin. Of the total 15 coins of this denomination only she has not only a figure of the name, but also an interesting story connected with the number 1804.
"Silver Dollar 1804" minted in 1834 and not in 1804. The coin appeared due to an error in the treatment of employees and have not got. It is for this coin is very much appreciated in the circles of numismatists. Final price paid for it - 3737000 $ 500. Excellent copy of a silver dollar in 1804 You can buy in our store by clicking here НАЖАВ ЗДЕСЬ.

3. Rare coin: "Barber Dime"

Year: 1892

Cost: $ 1,552,500 

Dime - 10-cent coins. Minted in the late XVIII century, but often changed its design. Rarest coin in its denomination. The coin was called Barbera - in honor graverovschika Charles Barber.
Coins 1894 - are rare and therefore valuable, because it was released only 24 samples, and truly known only about 9. One such collector coins bought more than $ 1.5 million

4.   The most expensive of the series: "Liberty Silver Dollar"

Instance Louis Eliasberga

Year: 1870

Cost: $ 1.3 million.

Another rare coin - treasure among numismatists. The most expensive coin of 11 issued. This copy Eliasberga Louis, bought for $ 1.3 million dollars. The coin is minted Liberty holding an American flag, and on the reverse side - the bald eagle

5.   Australian penny

Sample: 1930

Price: $ 517,345

Most numiznamov sure that in the world there are only six such coins. They are made of silver, but covered with copper. Penny is classified as: PRF - the highest grade coins, these coins have a mirror surface. Quality is achieved by a double blow stamp during minting.

3 of 6 coins are in private hands, one exhibited in the museum in Britain, fifth at the Art Gallery of South Australia. But last purchased in 2005 more than $ 517,000 dollars. Penni- most expensive coin of Australia and is the most expensive in the world of copper coin.

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